Beginners’ Guide To CBD Products: Cannabidiol Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Vape Liquide, CBD Pain Cream, CBD For Pets

If you have been looking for a natural treatment with CBD, you may have
seen a huge number of various hemp CBD products available today. 
While it is certainly not a bad thing in itself, and is, in fact, a confirmation
of the therapeutic benefits of hemp CBD, the abundance of choice can make
one’s head spin.

Here’s a concise overview to help you make an informed decision about the
health products you are going to select.


cbd fx

This is the most popular form of supplementing with CBD. Available in
bottles, water or oil-based, to be taken in the form of drops in the morning
and evening in the comfort of your own bathroom. 

Oils and tinctures are used sublingually, which allows for fast absorption.
Their greatest advantage is purity. They normally do not require any
preservatives or additives, though some manufacturers use taste

If you opt to take CBD in liquid form, make sure there are no
unnecessary artificial ingredients. Preservatives and chemicals can
compromise the whole point of using supplements for perfect health. 
CBD extract can be made with a number of oils as a base, including coconut
oil, grape-seed oil and hemp seed oil. CBD extract diluted with hemp seed
oil is the most synergistic and potent formula. This formula creates a
powerful entourage effect. Studies have found that the hempseed oil is by
far the best agent for CBD, as it increases its bio-availability by protecting it from being broken down by stomach acids. Furthermore, hemp seed oil has
been dubbed “Nature’s most perfectly balanced oil” due to the fact that it
contains the perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio of essential fatty acids (EFAs)
Omega 3 : Omega 6 for long term human consumption.

Another aspect to consider is the method of extraction, which was used to
get CBD from the plant material. Often less expensive hemp CBD oils may
use harsh solvents such as butane or propane. While this makes extraction
process cheaper, the question is do you really want to compromise the
health benefits of your hemp CBD oil with products that may contain
residuals of the toxic substances. Supercritical CO2 extraction is proven to
be the best method for creating hemp CBD oil. This method involves using
carbon dioxide under high pressure to isolate over 100 cannabinoids from
the raw hemp botanical material. Reputable manufacturers employ CO2
extraction and are proud to mention it.

To compare different products, express CBD concentration in percentage
terms by dividing the CBD amount in milligrams by the total amount of
liquid in the bottle. A 10 ml bottle is 10,000 mg. Thus, 500 mg of CBD per
10 ml bottle equals 500/10,000*100=5%.

While higher doses of CBD will have a more pronounced effect, it is best to
start with a low entry-level concentration of 5%.

Observe the effects over the course of several days and make adjustments if needed. If you do not see the desired effects after 5-7 days, start gradually
working your dose up.

Note, that as a natural holistic remedy, CBD oil/tinctures may not
necessarily produce desired effects immediately after taking as
pharmaceutical drugs do. Most pharmaceutical drugs act chemically in a
very targeted way with the purpose of alleviating symptoms rather than
mobilizing internal resources and gradually helping the body to heal.
It is observed that it takes the body at least one week to start accumulating
and using hemp CBD active ingredients in an optimal manner.


This is the second most popular form to take CBD. Softgels and gummies
are most convenient for taking throughout the day on the go.
Other active ingredients, such as e.g. tumeric or melatonin can be mixed
into capsules to generate synergistic effects when taken for specific


For those who enjoy the process vaping, CBD can be delivered through the
lungs. Generally, vaping allows very fast delivery of CBD into the
bloodstream. This form is also best for tackling conditions related to the
chest area. 

One thing to be aware of with regards to CBD vape liquid is that CBD oil
can be too thick and viscous for vaporizers, and thus companies use
chemically-based thinning agents, some of which can be harmful especially
with long-term regular use. Read labels carefully, and research ingredients
you do not understand.


This is yet somewhat of an innovative product in the market. Usually, these
drinks contain caffeine, which gives energy, but CBD takes the edge off, so
there are no jitters, and one just feels good, has more energy and can focus
more clearly. It is a very promising form to supplement with CBD for
college students and office workers.


CBD balms are usually used in conjunction with other CBD products to
provide a more pronounced topical relief to e.g. joint aches. The
concentration of cannabinoids is highest at the place where they are
applied, and thus balms can greatly amplify the positive effects of oral CBD


Having discovered the amazing benefits of hemp CBD, humans extended
them to pets. Interestingly, while some people may not feel much when
taking CBD, pets, and especially dogs, are very sensitive to it. Even older,
arthritis-ridden dogs become very playful and start jumping around the
house. As one specialised company puts it, “We are yet to hear about a dog
who did not see an amazing result with using CBD treats”. CBD treats also
works miracles for dogs with separation anxiety.


This is a new trend in the CBD market, and undoubtedly, a major one. Skin
is known to contain a huge number of CBD receptors, and protective anti-
cancer benefits of CBD bode well for all sorts of anti-age creams and
sunscreens. And here, let me suggest you try something unorthodox:
instead of going for chemically-loaded cosmetics formulas, try to use for at
least 3-4 weeks a 100% simple all-natural plant CBD extract oil. Why?
Because CBD is a wholesome remedy and works by modulating and
harnessing internal body resources to generate optimum balance, and all
the “alien” chemicals may actually interfere and weaken the ingenious

To conclude, let me leave you with this one thought. The research findings
on CBD published in the past few years look nothing short of miraculous.
With no significant side-effects reported, what can possibly hold you back
from giving a go to the amazing natural medicine to see what it can do to
improve your health and wellbeing?

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