Dominate the Cannabis & CBD Industry – What you need to know to gain a competitive advantage.

a strategic guide on how to build a solid brand foundation. Everything you need to know to create products consumers will love & evangelize.

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From the Partner & CEO of Sapling and digital marketing expert. Read by hundreds of cannabis pioneers & entrepreneurs around the world.



A straightforward guide that establishes the foundations needed to build a successful & iconic brand in the hemp & cannabis industry.


What you need to know to position yourself as a unique brand.


Guidelines on how to dominate the industry by creating memorable & comprehensive experiences that resonate with customers.




Alex Collins – partner & co-founder of sapling

For the last few years, we have helped hundreds of cannabis & CBD brands grow through our proven methods outlined in the Branding Foundations e-book.

There are so many online gurus preaching a dozen different methods to grow your business. We aim to cut the bullshit and take marketing & branding back to its core foundations.

I hope you find this e-book informative & insightful like hundreds of others in your position have. Our passion is to change the stigma surrounding cannabis. Join us on the journey.

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