Learn Viral Marketing Using Memes

Everything you’ll ever need to know about using memes to grow your business, generate hype, and sell products.

Marketing with Memes is the first course of its kind that shows you how to dominate the cannabis + hemp industry with meme marketing.

Memes have consistently shaped cannabis & counter culture over time, and have consistently been used to generate hype & build brands in the industry.
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Memes consistently generate more ROI than influencer marketing, video content, & blogs.

It’s hard for a brand to create the kind of wit that comes naturally to the content creators behind meme accounts. They are relatable, so they get amazing engagement.

For better or worse, the internet meme is a powerful tool in our culture. The best memes tend not to come from marketing executives, but from the grassroots of society. That’s part of what makes memes so influential & powerful in our industry.

With this course I’ll teach you the fundamentals of what goes into a successful meme campaign, how to start & grow a meme account on social media, & how to build hype and sell products using memes.

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I bet you’ve seen those amazing social media profiles that draw visitors just like a magnet. They get thousands of likes, comments, and hundreds of thousands of views effortlessly.


You’ve seen them do it, but you don’t know how they do it. What are they getting right that you are missing?


Viral marketing is the most proven method of driving targeted traffic. It forces your visitors to be your messengers, creating a positive spiral in which each visitor gets you more and more traffic.


It really doesn’t take much to be a successful viral marketer in your niche. Just a little bit of psycholo- gy and a clear understanding of what works on the networks.


Are you there yet? Or do you have the same problem that thousands of wannabe viral marketers have.

Memes get more searches than jesus


A well-timed, culture-specific, cannabis meme can have a bigger impact on a company’s success or failure than a 5-figure ad campaign.

The sophistication of the cannabis culture spawned the subcategory of “Dank Memes” which has now transcended the cannabis culture to encapsulate any heady, well-crafted, visually appealing, next-level meme.

For the past few years, we’ve personally used memes to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cannabis & CBD products.

And now we’re going to teach you how to do the same thing with your own business.

what's included in the course

We’ll provide you with everything you need



We’ll show you how to source the dankest memes, including pre-built & templates. We’ll also give you access to our entire repository of 1000+ memes & templates.



We’ll show you how to create memes for your target audience, and how to uniquely position them for the product or service you’re trying to sell.



We’ll show you what platforms perform the best for each given meme, captions to post the meme with, and how to build engagement on each post.

You’ll also receive access to our private facebook group with our latest memes, templates, strategies & tactics.

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